Though I said I would never become a professor, I at least took a stab at applying for a few positions. Get a glimpse into how I would teach and mentor the next generation of scholars.
How A Vivid Vision from Ruha Benjamin, Ph.D. deeply affected me to Critically Act. How the harsh truths of reality are softened by the Germination of…
Two Intertwined Fates Diverge in a World of Entanglement. Are we intelligently designed to walk predestined pathways defined by an All-Knowing Source…
Staring into the glowing abyss of wisdom
How Artificial is Intelligence?
Intersecting Culture, Diverse Youth and Innovation
A short story I wrote 7 years ago while sitting at my desk at my boring summer engineering internship. Would love to hear your interpretations of the…
Gained Enough Clarity to See My Business from the Perspective of the Custodian & the Superintendent
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